Nüobell Vs Bowflex

Nüobell Vs Bowflex; Which is the better adjustable dumbbell set?

 As the focus of the fitness industry shifts more and more to strength training with free weights, dumbbells are once again becoming an increasingly important piece of fitness equipment. However, very few home gyms have enough space to set up a full rack of dumbbells. So it's no coincidence that even most professional athletes turn to adjustable dumbbells to keep their bodies in shape. In this article, we pit the kings of the product category, Nüobell and Bowflex, against each other and crown a winner at the end.


What are adjustable dumbbells?

In particular, the COVID-19 pandemic has created a desire among most people to exercise at home, but few homes have enough space to set up and store a complete set of professional sporting equipment. Rather, it is common to hide this equipment under the bed or in the closet after use.


Adjustable dumbbells are specifically designed so that you do not have to buy dozens of individual dumbbells - even though you will need a different disk size for almost every type of exercise. The adjustable solution helps you to work with the right weight without compromise. Now let's take a look at the flagship products of the two best brands and find the winner!



With the Bowflex SelectTech  Dumbbells, you can choose how much weight you want to work with (in 5-pound increments). However, you need to align two selector dials on both sides by spinning both dials before taking out your weight, which makes the changes slower.


One of the biggest disadvantages of the Bowflex dumbbell is its size: regardless of the weights you set, the overall length of the bar does not change. Its 16-inches size may seem too big for many users, so you will need time to get used to it. If you have a smaller palm, the grip may slip, but the larger size also means that you may need to adjust your posture for close-range exercises such as biceps and triceps strengthening.


The Bowflex product is made almost entirely out of plastic, which indicates a shorter life span for these dumbbells. According to some of the online reviews by customers, the hard plastic parts were prone to breaking easily, causing the weights to fall off during exercise. As this can lead to injuries, it's important to choose a product with a minimum of plastic parts and high safety



In just a few seconds, the Nüobell adjustable dumbbells lets you adjust each dumbbell from 5 to 80 pounds. The weights are also a manageable length when fully loaded, and they get shorter, and therefore easier to handle, as you reduce the load. Nüobell’s plate adjustment system is unique in the market, a Swedish innovation, which is by far the quickest-to-adjust out there: you can go from 5 pounds to 80 in seconds with a smooth and seamless change. The handles are knurled and provide the same feel as a barbell - they fit nicely and do not slip out of your hand. 


Settings are defined in 5-pound increments, which is perfect for any home use solution. Because of the secure, interlocking attachment of the weights, lifting them overhead did not cause an unstable, dangerous feeling. This adjustable dumbbell system includes steel and iron cast weight plates and contains only minimal high-grade plastic. Nüobell provides the best, most approachable experience of all the adjustable dumbbells we have tested, making it a great choice for most home gyms. 



The Verdict

Comparing the two products, there are both clear differences and subtle nuances, but one thing is for sure: the Nüobell adjustable dumbbell is the clear winner in this competition. Let’s see what makes this product a great choice for your home gym:


  • Easier and faster weight change
  • Smaller handle size
  • Greater security during lifting
  • Only a minimal amount of plastic
  • Offers the smallest plate and frame size of any the adjustable dumbbells market


Nüobell's design has a sleek, minimalist aesthetic with a traditional dumbbell feel and many color styles to choose from. It offers iron plates and a steel handles with a textured finish, which makes it easy and safe to use. If you regularly lift with a dumbbell, these work very well. We confidently suggest Nüobell’s great adjustable dumbbells for working out at home.



Bowflex vs nuobell


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I owned a pair of bowflex 1090 for about 3 years and I sold them few months ago and upgraded to Nüobells. I can definitely say the Nüobell adjustable dumbbells have definitely raised the standard bars for all adjustable dumbbells. The main things i would definitely agree with is;
- they have a much better smoother handle grip
-if your using only 5lbs you don’t need to be lifting and carrying a full frame to do so it’s actually very small in length
- it feels much closer to a real dumbbell due to its iron/metal feel and sizing.

This article may feel bias because it being posted by a Nüobell reseller but I don’t feel like it has told any lies.

All Hail Nüobell!!



Pretty hard to say these are better then bowflex because of a “faster” selector. 50lbs is 50lbs. Unless your 50lbs is better then bowflex? I can’t see the $300 price difference. Doesn’t matter if yours has a “minimal” amount of plastic compared to the competitor. If you’re saying it’s the plastic parts that fail and yours still includes plastic then what’s the difference, unless you’re saying your plastic is much better quality then bowflex? They definitely look better then bowflex and I’d love a set, but again your claims against bowflex and the price make it a no-brainer.

Alex K

Alex K

Bowflex is done with unless they redesign their entire concept

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