NÜOBELL 580 Green

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Steven Robson
Great dumbbells

Overall love these dumbbells . I opted for these ones in favour of the quick adjustments, traditional dumbbell shape and the knurling on the handles. The only downsides I would say are price as it’s very expensive and the fact you have to baby these things a little bit as there’s a lot of moving parts that could break if your too aggressive. Not an issue for me but I know some of you like to throw your dumbbells around and if that’s the case these are not for you. Out of all the adjustable dumbells I have tried though these are by far my favourite.

John Corradi
Best adjustable dumbbells on the market!

I purchased the 80lb olive green adjustable dumbbells about a month ago and they are exactly as advertised!
Not only do the look and feel like traditional dumbbells at your local gym, you can rest them on your thighs while seated between sets as they are completely flat on both ends no matter what weight you select! They are incredibly quick & easy to change, so drop sets or pyramids are easily doable.
I highly recommend the NUBELL dumbbells to anyone looking for that traditional dumbbell action/look.
Just waiting on my stand now

Alex Currie

NÜOBELL 80lb Green

Ivan Sergeyenko
Excellent set of adjustable dumbbells

Had my Nüobells for just over a month now. Extremely happy with my purchase.

Previously I have used a set of Bowflex 552 knockoffs ("pandemic special") that kept getting stuck and eventually one of them failed. No such thing with Nüobells - they are rock solid. I love how easy it is to adjust the weight, and how grippy the handles are.

Of course there is some concern with long term durability - there are some plastic parts that will see wear every time you remove/replace the dumbbells from/to the stand. However, they seem very beefy (again, compared to 552s) and I have a feeling they will last for years. Also, if you do misplace the dumbbell and it gets "stuck", it is very easy to to fix this by dialling down the weight and putting the weight plate back in the proper position. Overall, I feel like there is some tradeoff in durability vs ease of adjusting the weight compared to something like Ironmaster or Pepin dumbbells. For my use case, I am more than happy to make that tradeoff. If you want more information, I feel like Garage Gym Reviews on YouTube review Nüobells very fairly and accurately.

Regarding the seller, I have nothing but praise. I was a little hesitant ordering online based on a Facebook ad. However, Fitmass is listed as an official distributor on the manufacturer's website so that gave me some confidence. Shipping was fast, and customer service delightful.

Joel Spence

NÜOBELL 80lb Green

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